SAP Crystal Reports Simple Storage Service (S3)

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3.1 SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 101 . ..... available to the Crystal Reports developer: the BW query and the Data Store Object. (DSO). Lastly, and most ...

to enhance the standard functionality of CATS, as well as using Business Applica- ...... 16.2 Analysis of the Time Sheet Manager Business Object ................... 398.

SAP systems, and it focuses on the following aspects: Server analysis ..... Runtimes and status of data transfer and data processing in the Data Warehouse. Depending on the area, ..... Implementation Guide . ...... Heterogeneous system, 515.

checks query profiles, identifies the most popular queries and poorest-per- forming queries, analyzes query definitions, and analyzes OLAP cache usage.

Page 1 ... porting SAP products, this book can serve as a type of tutorial to help you better .... nessObjects portfolio, including Enterprise Performance Manage-.

Describe how to establish a connection to the SAP system. 85. 5.6 Try It! 5. Exercise 2. Which information is mandatory for logging on to the system and which.

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11 Components for Business Information Management ... 295 ..... Business Objects . ...... Its data is not stored in the object, but is directly read for reporting.

In this sample, you'll find a selection from Chapter 5, Upgrading the. ABAP System. ... array of specialized solutions; internally, SAP systems are now made up of multi- ..... analysis, capacity-planning exercise, calculation of the financial impact,

All of these tasks should be performed by a combination of BW Basis, BW Tech- nical, and/or data load monitoring sub-teams within the support organization. While some of these tasks only need to be performed once weekly, others, such as process chain