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Aug 15, 2014 - In the first week of September you will receive ballot papers in the post with each candidate's personal statement explaining why you s...

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... set the stage for international guidelines for the management of this disease. ... areas at the Royal Free Hospital where the Sepsis 6 pathway has been ...

A PDF version of this newsletter is available on our website. 1. ... Nurses throw patient 80th birthday party. A patient who spent his 80th birthday party at the Royal Free. Hospital after ... An opportunity to join our Equality Analysis Panel. We in

One hundred days is no time at all, particularly when they cover the summer ... Opening a four-bed high dependency unit at Chase Farm Hospital, allowing us to .... including Sir David Dalton, chief executive of Salford Royal NHS Foundation.

Sep 12, 2015 - music to patients' ears. 6. Feedback on maternity services. 7. Ebola presentation at BACCN conference. 8. Support for. World. Alzheimer's.

boards, the health consumer champions Healthwatch and other local groups. ... These indicators relate to five key questions asked of all services, namely are they: safe, effective, caring, ... to what our patients have to say about our services is vi

Apr 14, 2014 - A pdf version of this newsletter is available on our website. .... with progressive kidney disease, with support from dieticians, psychologists ... the Royal Free Hospital Kidney Patients Association, and in particular David Myers.

A pdf version of this newsletter is available on our website. We welcome your ... Monitor, the health service regulator, has now begun an assessment .... It will especially be useful for stroke patients, patients on ITU and those with progressive.

May 18, 2014 - cricket tour. 9. ... A pdf version of this newsletter is available on our website. ... This year we were hoping to fund a larger project and improving ...

The trust key performance indicators have yet to be ... Pathology staff at Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital are receiving regular ... (HiSLAC) as a means of improving the care of acutely ill medical patients admitted as emergencies. .... “Wh

comprehensive guide for health workers on treating people with dementia has been ... Teamwork is really crucial in treating young people with eating disorders.