Benefits of installing LED Floodlights

In the event that you are hoping to help up your games field, grass or space outside your home then we propose you to settle on 1000 Watt LED light. F...

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Data Cable (DMX Cable) Requirements (For DMX and Master/Slave ..... This is not a service contract, and this warranty does not include maintenance, cleaning.

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The unit has 2 DMX channel modes; a 1 channel mode and 5 channel .... Pin 3 = Data True (positive). Pin 2 = Data .... Synchronous Strobe. 2. Sound Strobe in ...

The unit has 2 DMX channel modes; a 1 channel mode and 5 channel mode. .... Pin 3 = Data True (positive). Pin 2 = Data .... Function. 1. Synchronous Strobe. 2.

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