A Picture of CO2 Storage in the UK Learnings from the

Dennis Gammer, Strategy Manager, Carbon Capture and Storage, ETI .... investments in individual stores without additional appraisal work. ... Depleted...

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this may open the door to cost effective storage expansions, through the reuse of platforms, pipelines and ..... Guided by the selection work by others on regional clusters, this was fed to Hewett and then Viking and ..... sthash.5AB43FfB.dpuf. 3.

The information in this document is the property of Energy Technologies ... The value in the debate – at multiple levels ... Least cost optimisation, policy neutral.

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and summarised in the article - and reviews the strengths and weaknesses of the ... Professor of Criminology, Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, ...... www.acpo.police.uk/asp/policies/Data/Fraud%20in%20the%20UK.pdf.

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